Annual report for trophy hunting in Kazakhstan. Season  2014.

In 2014 Safari KZ Company organized hunting tours for foreign hunters in Almaty, East and South Kazakhstan regions.
Ibex hunt was held in Altyn Emel and Sayram Ugam National Parks.

Maral hunt was held in Almaty and East Kazakhstan region – in Kolsay Kolderi National Park and Dardamty hunting ground.

Almost all hunts are completed and we can summarize.

Ibex trophy series of this year, thanks to big trophies at the end of season, has increased significantly.
This great tendency has been observed for several years.

The best result in Altyn Emel belongs to Spanish hunter - 120 sm.
Altyn Emel as always has 100% of success.

In Sayram Ugam one hunter hasn’t take his trophy due to his fault. He had 3 chances to take Ibex but couldn’t cope with anxiety and his gun failed. At the end he took all the responsibility and for his unsuccessful hunt and by his initiative paid 100% of tour cost.
The last group in Sayram Ugam pleased us with great trophies of Central Asian Ibex – 126, 132 and 136 sm.

Great trophies are the direct consequence of good physical and rifle training. To have a good result in a mountain hunt one need to walk about 500 vertical meters.

One unsuccessful hunt in Kolsay Kolderi National Park – hunter wounded the animal. Other hunters are happy with results of hunt and mostly all hunting tours for 2015 are sold.

10-13 kg trophies for this areas are normal. Huge maral with 18 sprout horns, 9 to each side was seen this season. It might be a candidate for the World Champion title.
Our hunting ground – Dardamty also has 100% of success. Maral numerosity is very high and with lower tour prices Maral hunt in Dardamty is very attractive
The biggest trophy of this year – 12 kg.

An average trophy – 9 kg. The excellent dynamics of maral population in our hunting ground should be noted. For several years hunters has taken excellent trophies of Tien Shan maral.

East Kazakhstan also have 100% of success. Excellent trophies.

The biggest trophy – 14 kg.

average trophy – 10 kg.

Generally region potential is very high, and we can say that trial season was very successful .

In total – 3 unsuccessful hunts: one client wounded maral (Kolsay Kolderi), one missed the roe deer from 100 m.(East Kazakhstan) and one client didn’t take his trophy because of our fault (bad gude service). There is a debriefing on that occasion, to make sure that such incidents do not recur.

Excellent trophies of Siberean Ibex taken in Almaty region are to be noted apart. All were taken on the territories of different hunting grounds. Half of trophies were taken in the beginning of the season, and the second half during the rut season.

Generally, on the basis of hunting reports – 81% of hunters estimate their hunt as positive, 4% as negative, and other 15% says that quality of organization need to be improved. (guide service).
Taking into account that this season we had several new hunting areas, this is not bad. There is a lot to work on.

As usually, some hunting statistics: unexpectedly Polish hunters became a leaders by the number of hunters in this hunting season. Less American hunters this year, but number of Russian hunters has grown. Belgians joined to regular hunters from France, Germany and Spain.