Annual report for trophy hunting in Kazakhstan. Season  2015.

Has become conventional to summarize the results of our outfitters business unit of ProHunt company at the end of the season. Wishing to see previous years information the links the year 2014 , season 2013 , trophy 2012 . In this year, a little delayed due to lack of all client photos (part not received up to now).

It is pleasant to note that ProHunt for the second year holds the leadership on the market outfitters services in Kazakhstan. 2014 was very successful thanks largely to the Russian hunters who were in the majority of trophy hunters arrived to Kazakhstan, but in a down economy and devaluation, the number of hunters from Russia from36 percent actually decreased till 5%.

And the beginning of the season does not bode no good, however by March the number of clients from other countries has rised steeply, thus leveled the loss of Russia as a market. Appeared in the geography of countries such as Australia , UAE , Croatia and even India !

In the same way as before in last season were popular four main areas: national Parks-Altyn Emel and Kolsai –Kolderi, Sairam-Ugam , and private hunting farms , including our company.
Altyn Emel with traditionally successful hunting for Tian Shan ibex. Hunting in these lands is great for beginners in mountain hunters and PH.

The density of artiodactyls is high and mountainous ridge, which is part of the Dzhungarian system generally is not high. Unique natural and climatic environment had long ago made this place a Mecca for trophy hunters from every corner of the world. The history of these places is Interesting too, right during the hunt, you will not once to meet with the ancient artifacts, petroglyphs, ancient burial mounds and other natural and historical sightseeing attractions.

Detailed landscape report about Altyn-Emel read the link. Traditionally on this hunting area are got hunting trophies from 90 to 125 cm and of course every season there are cases of production of hunters getting wolf and Siberian roe deer trophies.

The weapons used by hunter – 90% of bolt rifles with a sliding breech bolt, traditionally is lots of Remington 700 , Blaser r 93/r8 , Christensen Arms , the rest all brands are pair of pieces: Sauer , Sako, Heim, Merkel. A few Russians came with double rifle Johan Fanzoj)), generally rifle guns in this season have been popular.

Two hunters came with semi-automatic weapons: Browning bar and Benelli Argo in 3006 caliber, unbelievable, but the fact is these two hunters left without any trophy, an one was in the express group , which hunted only two days , but the other four hunters have hunted in the allotted time. This is another reason to think about using semi-automatic weapons in the mountain hunt! Was a couple of "no trophy", but all in groups on combi hunts, that is, the clients wanted to get two different trophies hunting but as a result of hunting circumstances were able to got only one.

The calibers were used for hunting mountain here’s the deal 300 win mag – 18% , 300 win mag -16% , – 3006 – 16% , 7 mm rem mag – 20% , 270win -10% , 8x68s – 16% . The smallest caliber is 243 the most powerful 338. The statistics indicates the dominance of the 300 calibers, as well as the active entry of 7 and 8 in this group.

No less popular direction is "Kolsay kolderi" National park, it’s a unique region where within the same hunting territory, you can obtain a trophy of maral, ibex and Siberian roe deer.

Comby hunting is very popular among hunters, it is an opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of extracting different mountain trophies. In last season, hunters from Croatia were lucky to do triple comby, having obtained all super trophies of Kazakhstan! Of course Kolsai is the famous for its gigantic trophies of maral and today one of the largest in the world.

Tours for maral hunting usually are booked in the beginning of the year. Hunting in the Tien Shan mountains will immerse you in the world of real wild nature and memories from mountain hunting will remain forever! In fact, this area is the largest and most remote wildlife refuge in Kazakhstan.

The trophies of ibex in this area also differ of stately proportions

Trophy hufters are still one hundred percent male. The average age of 46 years old, the youngest 25 years old , and the oldest age 66. Let me remind you that one of the first customers our company took the hunter, who was 82 years )).

Third gained momentum direction is Sairam-Ugam national Park. Just a few years of super trophies of ibex from the mountains of South-Western Tien Shan all around the world . Was no exception and this year, trophy hunters from Denmark managed to get ibex with horns 145cm ,

in the same season in the border areas with Uzbekistan, the hunters found the trophies with dimensions of 130cm and 139см. Hunting in the mountains Ugam , physically is not easy , requires real strength and stamina.

But of course this area with one of the largest mid-Asian ibex in Kazakhstan. It is documented by the reports of last years. In addition to ibex hunting in this area it’s possible to conduct a Comby hunting for Siberian roe deer.

The hunting farm Dardamty in the regular season had received the maral hunters. The trophy hunters got the great bulls, which were monitored throughout the year by gamekeeper, using visual observation and camera traps.

The farm provides a comfortable accommodation, horseback riding in the hunting territory. In the 2015 season for hunters, lovers of mountain hunting, was created low budget program to hunt maral with a trophy weight less of 8 kg. Many hunters wish to take part in "the hunt for the roar", but the cost is high, whereas , many people do not need large trophies. In the season of 2016 our company will continue this practice.

Next season, we hope to enlarge the hunting territory offered by our company. Very promising are the new National Parks in Almaty region , which must obtain permission to hunt this year.

Many interest the ability of the company to organize hunting in the Altai subspecies of ibex. This season has already been successfully carried out hunting of course the most beautiful goat in the world!

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