Annual report for trophy hunting in Kazakhstan. Season  2018.

The time is flying and 2018 is almost over and traditionally we present annual report one of the biggest outfitter company in Kazakhstan. Season 2018 is pleased us. We successfully stabilized the business in 2018, despite substantial global economic headwinds and competitive pressures.
First, it was possible to conduct several photo tours during the summer, when the Hunting season in Kazakhstan is not yet open. Organization of photo tours in the most remote and wild region of Kazakhstan was our goals for many years.

Tours were organized in Almaty region, Tien Shan mountains and Dzungarian Alatau. Our all-inclusive photo tours are well planned, productive and fun. Let us do what we do best—handle all of the planning, details and logistics—so you can do what you love: take great photos!
Terra Incognita is waiting for you and your friends for unique travels!

Secondly, the past season went well for the Hunters as well. The trophy row was consistently high, customer satisfaction, according to hunting protocols is excellent. The average trophy size is 120 cm which considering as a gold medal winners!
Unfortunately there were a problems with transit of weapon and ammunition through Russia. Our client was flying with layover in Russia and due to the new regulations weapons had to be custom in Russia. As a result, the hunting tour was canceled, and we decided to return all funds, including tickets, fees etc., to the hunters.

Hunting tours were carried out in already known hunting ranches , covering the mountains of Zailiysky Alatau, Dzhungarsky Alatau and Altai.
Dzungaria remain the only place in the world where available to hunt combo maral-ibex during one tour. With trophy size more than 120 cm for ibex and more than 13 kg for maral. Due to the very high demand for hunting in Dzungaria, we recommending don’t wait too long.

Some statistics on weapons and calibers used by hunters:
In the upper segment, as usual dominated Germans brands Blaser, Merkel, Sauer and Christensen arms in budget Remington, Tikka, Hennel.
For calibers, there was a significant shift from three hundred to seven 40% and 30%.
The smallest caliber was 243 and our oldest client with replaced titanium knee got the ibex on his third day of hunting using 243 !

270 WSM -15%
338 -7,5 %

243 caliber, and hunter from New Zealand
The good news is opening a new facility in Dzunagrian mountain. This is the hunting ranch Zhasylkol
Which located in the very center of the mountain range and surrounded by the territory of the National Park and the State Preserve. This year we managed to pave the road and build a guest house for our clients.

Next year we planning to build another guest house at an altitude of 3000m, with a million dollar view)).

Another area that will open next year is the Matai hunting ranch, which runs along the northern ridge of the Altyn Emel and the border of the Altyn Emel National Park.
This is a hunting and tourist Mecca, where an easy trophy hunt of Central Asian ibex has been held for more than twenty years. Interesting landscapes, unique rock paintings and petroglyphs will make the hunting trip interesting and rich.

Another new facility will be open next year in just 60 km away from Almaty. The land rich in Siberian roe deer. You can combine this hunt with any of the selected tours and get a roe as an additional trophy.

The geography of our Hunters tourists is follow: Russia - 30%, traditionally high percentage of Spain- 20%, New Zealand -Australia 15%, Czech Republic -10%, Denmark -10%, and some small number from other countries.
Lebanese​ and Latvians come on a system basis, the countries are not big, but still hunting!

The average age of clients is :
The hunting territories of Ketmen and Dardams are also well known to hunters.
Located three hundred kilometers from Almaty, along an excellent road, they guarantee comfort and trophy quality animals. Also available eco and horseback tours. Our company organizes demonstrations and practical hunting with golden eagles in the foothills of the Tian Shan.

Another good news for mountain hunting lovers ! Working closely with Government on the optimization of hunting legislation we manage to convince the working group to open a spring hunt for boron and bear. Our hunting ranch Belozek, is ready to organize a hunt for a bear, wood grouse and black grouse in the mountains of southern Altai next spring.

Our club "Gray Wolves" continues its work, in the Almaty region. This season we have already had one productive hunt, and the season has just begun!


The 2018 season is almost over and we are exciting about next year hunting. Stay tuned FACEBOOK ,Instagram: PROHUNTKZ