Belozek Hunting Land

In Eastern Kazakhstan on the territory of the Kurchum district in 2010 began to operate a game husbandry “Belozek”. The “Belozek” is 600 kilometers from Ust-Kamenogorsk and connected with it by a highway.


The nature of the district is quite diverse: the heat of the Zaysan desert passes Marble mountain, ridge Azutau, taiga forests with the eternal snows on the mountain tops. On the one hand, plains, scorched by the sun, on the other – the mountains, the untouched taiga with bears, marals and sables. This region wildlife area with  unique lakes and  “red book” animals of the South Altai. There is the Markakollake, the center, surrounded by the mountains of the Kurchum ridge and the ridge Azutau are protected land. Lake Markakol is the largest in the Republic of the highland lakes. In the Kurchum district located geological palaeontological and geomorphological nature monuments “Kiin-Kerish” and “the Burning hills” and geological and paleobotanical natural monument “Ashutas”. In the near future it is planned to offer eco tours of the scenic places for tourists. Of course, “Belozek” is very rich in various hunting animals and birds: there are moose, maral, ROE deer, bear, and many other representatives of fauna. Probably, lovers of hunting and nature, visited the new hunting economy, will not remain indifferent to this beautiful and rich region.


Hunting Tours

Maral Hunting

Region: Huntingfarm «Belozek», East Kazakhstan region, 600 km away from Ust-Kamenogorsk

Landscape: Mountains, forest, river

Trophy: red deer (Cervuselaphus) with trophy quality horns

Terms of the hunt: 10th of September – 1st of November

Duration: 10 days

Group size: 2-3 persons


Hunting tour program:

Day 1: Meeting at the airport, transfer to the hunt camp, rifle testing,  rest, preparation to  hunt.

Day 2 and the next days: hunt.

The last day: completion of the hunt, transfer to the airport.

Note: 2000-2500 m above the sea. Hunter has to be in good physical condition and able to move in mountain – forest area. Horseriding skills make your hunt much easier. There is a possibility of 2-3 days of  overnight in mountains. Shooting distance is 200-300 m

Our tour recommendations

  • Camouflage outfit – pants and jacket
  • Light mountain boots. It can be leather boots or high ankle boots with lacings, depending on the season of hunt.
  • Warm underwear
  • Gloves
  • Sleeping bag
  • Isothermal mat
  • Binocular, range finder
  • Backpack
  • Hunting knife
  • Camouflage cap
  • First-aid kit. Owing to change of climate and water disturbances of gastrointestinal tract might appear. Therefore, you should have purgative and anti-diarrheal medicine.
  • Means of personal hygiene.
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