Ketmen Tau Hunting Land



Wooden houses. Bath house is available. The price includes three meals a day.

Transportation: jeeps, horses.


Hunting for Maral


Region: Hunting farm «Ketmen Tau», Almaty region, 270-300 km away from Almaty

Landscape: mountains, forest, river

Trophy: Siberian stag with trophy quality horns

Hunting method: tracking, approaching, driving. Horseback riding or on foot

Terms of the hunt: 23rd of September – 1st of November

Duration of the hunt: 10 days

Group size: 2-3 people

Hunting tour program:
Day 1: Meeting at the airport, transfer to the hunt camp, rest, preparation, ranging fire, rest, hunt.
Day 2 and the next days: hunt.
The last day: completion of the hunt, transfer to the airport.

Note: The hunt is carried out 270 – 300 km away from Almaty city, 2000-3500 m above the sea. Good physical shape is required. Passing hunt for wolf or wild boar is available. Partridge hunting is also available while free time.

The price depends on the group, transfer conditions, accommodation and other factors. Clarification of all details are carried out after the application filing.

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