Report on a season of hunting 2013

The   hunt season   of 2013, was successful   for the Pro Hunt ltd.  This year we have expanded our hunt geography. The number of hunters have increased this year and our hunters have got   some very good trophies.    35 hunters from the Scandinavian countries, Australia, USA, Belgium, Germany and Russia have hunted for maral, ibex and roe deer.  All hunters have got the trophies. 
National Park Altyn-Emel  is  the most comfortable hunting area for  ibex hunt. Hunters overnight in comfortable lodges, and  go to hunting  area by car.  Hunting in Altyn-Emel doesn’t demand special physical training. Even elderly hunters   will   get a good trophy here for shure. 
The average size of trophy  of ibex  was about 110 sm in Altyn-Amel  this year.The biggest 124 sm. 
Altyn Emel is the best  hunting area  to  take  experience of mountain hunt.
The national park Kolsay Kolderi  is the homeland of tien-shan  marals.  Kolsay Kolderi is surrounded with very beautiful mountain landscapes.
The territory of the park is a habitat for marals, roes, goats and wild boars.
Good trophies still keep remote mountain gorges, despite of the general tendency to decrease in a size trophy row. 
The national park Sairam Ugam is located in Western Tien-Shan,   on the southern border of Kazakhstan, near to Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.   On the remote slopes of Sairam  and Ugam mountain ridges  huge ibexes habitats.  The trophy of ibex with horns of 137 sm was got here this year.
Hunting   is carried out at the altitude of 3000 m here, therefore hunters must be good fit. Hunter must be able to climb uphill about 500 – 1000 meters a day. 
National parks in Kazakhstan belong   to the state,   so the prices for hunting are established by  government officials.  Private hunting areas are the wild unenclosed hunting grounds, but they belong to the private companies.  Prices on hunting are charged by owners of the companies. Successful hunt for maral and ibex were carried out at Ketmen ridge.   Timur Rakhmetov have got an ibex of 148 cm here in September, 2013. 
According to the hunting protocols  about  40% of hunters  have used 300 Win Mag.
About 40% of hunters used caliber 7мм REM.
20% hunters used 30-06.
The smallest caliber was  6,5 x 57.
The biggest -.300 Weatherby Mag.
Interesting hunt on predators pleased our clients this year.  The  bear  hunt in region of East Kazakhstan and wolf hunt  with howling pipe. 
New hunting area – Zaisan   was   added  to  our catalog this year. Here  in Saur mountain habitats  marals, bears, roes, boars and argali. 
The moratorium on hunt in NationalPark Ile Ala Tau will end this year. Ile AlaTau Park is situated near Almaty City. Here habitat maral, ibex, roe, boars. The combined hunt for those animals is possible at this area.
The level of experience of hunters with hunt in mountains was not identical. Sometimes hunters had overestimated their opportunities for mountain hunting, chose difficult programs but couldn’t climb uphill. We want to advise hunters to choose tour programs according their real physical capacities.
Some hunters  got small trophies   purposely, because they didn’t want to work hard to look for a big trophy. This is a matter of a choice of the hunter.
There was only one  case  of not shooting this year. The hunter   have seen a very good maral     first day, but he didn’t want to shoot because he thought that it would be a lot of chances to meet the biggest one bull. But he saw only small bulls next days.   Now he didn’t want to shoot them, because hoped to find first one. He have agreed to shoot any marals last days, but have not the chance! 

The average the distance of shooting was about 300 meters. Most of hunters showed good results.  But sometimes overadrenaline   attack was prevented  for  some hunters to take the good aim. 
Generally the season 2013 was very good.  Happy New Year Dear Hunters and we are waiting you next year! 
Team of Pro Hunt.