Trophy Champion

This is my sixths story about a journey for finding a Trophy Champion. 

I got lucky enough to get a license to hunt an ibex this fall. 

So know to get this Trophy became not just my personal, but almost a governmental taskJ) 

I called my friend and he gladly agrees to join me. 

Of course more likely we could find a Champion in a most remote regions, that hard to reach by people. 

Almost 24 hours later we get to our campsite. Even after this exhausting car trip and then a long horse ride we could focus a first group of ibexes. I counted 24 of them 

We got very excited and decided to go to bed earlier so we save a more energy for a long hunt tomorrow. 

4am, time to get up and get ready to hunt. Morning was beautiful. The “Indian summer” is one of the gorgeous seasons time in mounting. 

After we ride about a mile I notice a huge group of ibexes. Looking closer on them in binocular I could tell that it’s about 100 of them! To be exact- 97 as my friend countedJ) And there least 20 of them has a horns over 115 sm! That’s an unbelievable fortune. 

in center very big ibex ! distance 1 mil 

So we get closer to them and when the distance was about 200 meters I heard a terrible noise. 

What the hell ??? OMG, it was a border guard helicopter (we are pretty close to a border with China). Next second all ibexes where gone like a mirageJ) 

Frustrating, disappointing? Yes! 

But then I decide that it’s going to be even more interesting if our trip won’t end that fast. 

So we went up along the river. I found a fresh track of Snow lion and realize how high I climb. To prevent a high altitude sickness I had to get lower. 

snow leopard huntings too ))) 

Next morning while still dark we went to the river hoping to find our lost ibexes fr om yesterday. 

That day we saw a small group of animals. But I didn’t see the one I was looking for. 

And after spending the day with binoculars we decided to go down to the campsite. 

It was still not dark and I remember that have a spinner in my truck. 

Surprisingly I got some fish out of this small river! But what was even more surprising it’s that my friend got fish too. He catches it with his bare hands!!))

Next morning we moved to another hill wh ere I saw the small group day before. 

The hill was “hard”. It was confronted with the dense thorn bushes covered by thousand thrones. Plus it was very steep, around 70 degree of sharp rocks. But I was 100% sure there are animals! So I decided to go. 

Climbing up 


Take a rest 

And here you go!:)

300-400 more meters of vertical terrain and I found a good spot 

I make my shot and it hit the ibex 
it is not a monster, but it is very hard trophy

Green-it’s my trip and red is the shot. 

Then of course a hard hunting realityJ) 

I’m smiling to myself and perhaps for the first time feel myself a real hunter. 

All of us know –it’s not the easiest thing to haul a cow through the bushesJ) 

But it’s so worth it! Isn’t it?