Annual report for trophy hunting in Kazakhstan. Season  2019.

Last year we managed to open the hunt in several new areas, where the trophy line is consistently high and according to the customer reviews of satisfaction is very high. For example, the average size of the ibex was 118cm, which is worth a gold medal!

In the Dzhungar Alatau, it is the hunting estate Zhasylkol, which is located in the very center of the mountain range and surrounded by the territory of the National Park and the State Wildlife Refuge. This year we managed to pave the road and build another guest house at an altitude of about 3000m, with a million dollars view)).

These pristine places have become a gem in the crown of our hunting estates.

Another territory that opened this year is the Matai hunting estate, which runs along the northern ridge of the Altyn Emel and the border of the Altyn Emel National Park.

This is a hunting and tourist Mecca, where a trophy hunt for the Central Asian ibex has been held for more than twenty years. Interesting landscapes, cave paintings, petroglyphs will make your hunting trip interesting and unforgettable.

The third novelty for trophy hunting was the territory located 60 km from the city of Almaty. Land rich of Siberian roe deer, where this year all hunters obtained excellent trophies in difficult conditions of mountain hunting.

Hunting for Siberian roe deer took place at an altitude up to three thousand meters above sea level, which made this trophy valuable and truly difficult, requiring high professionalism from the hunter. This hunting tours can be combined with any of the selected hunting trips and get roe deer as an additional trophy.

The hunting areas Ketmen and Dardamty are well known to hunters. Located three hundred km from Almaty, by an excellent road, they guarantee comfort and stable production of red deer trophies, and also include eco and horse tours in the summer season , in addition it is  a good place for hunting with golden eagles and hunting dogs tazy, this type of hunting  is recognized as an intangible heritage by UNESCO. Our company organizes a show hunt with golden eagles in the foothills of the Tien Shan

By the unofficial trophy classification the Dzungarian Alatau is won a first place again. An advanced motivation system for instructors was used, with a progressive rate of the coefficient of labor participation and customer satisfaction,))) KPI - Key performance indicators for guides significantly increased the size of trophies, especially for deer. Got a few trophies with more than 15 kg.

Dzungaria is still remains the only place in the world where you can make maral-ibex combo within  one hunting tour, with the size of maral trophies of 13 kg and ibex more than 120 cm. The number of closed combo hunts this year speaks for itself!

Due to the very high demand for hunting in the Dzungaria, I recommend to hurry. The entire limit for maral has already been implemented; reservations are ongoing for 2021, 2022.

Some statistics on weapons and calibers used by trophy hunters. Some Hunters choose expensive brands and models, the rest - in a budget version. In the upper segment, as usual, the Germans are dominated by Blaser - 30%, Merkel - 15%, Christensen arms - 20%, Sauer - 5%; in the economy segment Remington 10%, Sako 7%, Hennel 5%.

ProHunt company is constantly work on expanding the geography and proposals for organizing trophy hunting in Kazakhstan. In 2020, we will open trophy hunting for Siberian roe deer in the Akterek hunting farm, near the city of Almaty. This farm has a good population of animals living in the mountains. Hunting will be carried out using horses and on a feet.

Another territory that will open next year is the Leps hunting estate, which goes in the floodplain of the river. Siberian roe deer lives here in a floodplain forest among low hills. Such a landscape makes it possible to easily approach of the animals.

Geographically, this territory is halfway to the main hunting farms of the Dzungarian Alatau. Which gives an excellent chance to hunt Siberian roe deer for one or two days and combine this tour with hunting for ibex or maral.

The forth novelty in the 2020 proposal is Bird Hunting. The hunting farms of Karakastek and Akterek provide a unique opportunity to hunt for the Semirechensky pheasant, partridge - mullet and mountain turkey - the Himalayan Ular. This Hunt will be especially interesting for fans of hunting with a dog. You can combine this type of hunting with any of the selected tours. The hunting season starts on October 1st.

The geography of the Hunters  who came to us this season is as follows: USA 25%, Russia 15%, traditionally high percentage of Spanish 20%, Denmark -10%, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Norway 5% each. The average age of the hunters are 49 years old, the oldest mountain hunter is 69, and the youngest is 19

Another good news for mountain hunters! Constantly working with the State authorities to optimize the hunting legislation, we managed to convince the working group to open a spring hunt for pine forest and a bear !

As part of the development  of ecotourism destinations during  summer and winter, while hunting in Kazakhstan is still closed, we are going to  organize a photo safaris. The organisation of equestrian tourism and skiing with elements of freeride for skiers in the wild and untouched corners of Kazakhstan is a long-standing goal and dream of our company.

Tours are organized in the Almaty region, the Tien Shan mountains and the Dzungarian Alatau. Prepared infrastructure: guest houses, horse trails and highways in remote places, riding horses for traveling in the mountains, experienced guides and ammunition. Terra Incognita is awaiting for you and your friends for unique travels.

Our club "Gray Wolves" continues to work. During this season we already had one productive hunt, and the season is just beginning!

The season of 2019 is completed, preparations are underway for the season of 2020. Follow our news in accounts:

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