Matay Hunting Farm

The hunting farm “Matay” is located in Kerbulak district of Almaty region and covers an area of 27,390 hectares. The farm consists of two sections. The territory of the hunting farm is located in a mountainous area, which is represented by two massifs - Matai Mountains and Altyn Emel Ridge, which are the spurs of the Dzungarian Alatau.

Hunting tours

Hunting for Siberian Ibex

Region: Almaty region, 2-3 hours from Almaty

Landscape: mountains

Trophy: Siberian ibex with trophy quality horns

Hunting period: 1 August  -1 September

Duration: 3 days

Group size: 2 people

Hunting tour program:

Day 1: meeting in airport, transfer to camp, vacation, rifle testing, preparing for the hunt.

Day 2 and subsequent days: hunting.

Last day: completion of the hunt transfer to the airport.

Note: Hunter must be in good physical condition and able to move in mountain area, 1500 m above the sea level.

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