Roe Deer Hunting

Roe Deer Hunting3

Siberian roe deer can be found all over the territory of Kazakhstan, but the biggest animal units of Siberian roe deer are met in the north of Kazakhstan, in Kostanai oblast.


Hunting period from 1st Ausgust
Hunting tour  2 days   — transfer from/to camp, 4 hunting days
Accomodation 4-5 overnights in terns in mountains
Altitude 1500 -2000 m
Ammunition 300 Win Mag, WSM, 7 Rem Mag, 270 Win Mag, WSM, 300 Weath. Mag., 300 Rem.Ultra Mag. Recommended good optical lenses and range finder
Distance from Almaty 2 hours by car to a  base camp
Note  No horse riding, walk

Here are some trophies for the last years