Karakastek Hunting Land

Hunting farm Karakastek is located in Zhambyl district of Almaty region. It occupies the northern part of the Karakastek range; this is the westernmost tip of the high mountain ranges of the Trans-Ili Alatau Mountains. The area of hunting is 89,428 hectares.

Hunting Tours

Hunting for Siberian Roe Deer

Region: Almaty region, 1-2 hours from Almaty

Landscape: mountains, bush

Trophy: Siberian roe deer with trophy quality horns

Hunting period: 1 August – 1 November

Duration: 5 days

Group size: 2 persons

Hunting tour program:

Day 1: meeting in airport, transfer to camp, vacation, rifle testing, preparing for the hunt.

Day 2 and subsequent days: hunting.

Last day: completion of the hunt transfer to the airport.

Note: 1500-2500 m above sea level. Requires good physical condition for movement in mountainous areas.