Republic of Kazakhstan is located in the heart of Eurasian continent. Territory of Kazakhstan (2 724 900 km2 ) exceeds the territory of all Central Asian republics almost twice. Kazakhstan is the 9th biggest country in the world, after Russia, China, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, India and Australia. The country borders with Russia, China, Kirgizstan, Turkmen Republic and Uzbekistan.


This huge territory is divided into several geographical belts, therefore landscape of Kazakhstan is various: forest and steeps – in north and semi deserts – in south.


The climate in the country is harsh continental. Average temperature of January is – 190C – 400 C, average temperature of July – +190C + 260C.


Population – 16 million people
Capital – Astana
National currency – tenge (KZT)

Kazakhstan is a museum under the open sky. This country possesses the most beautiful natural sights, for example, lake Burabay in Kokshetau region, Alpine meadows of Zaili Alatau and majestic sceneries of Charyn river’s canyon.


Almaty – the biggest city of Kazakhstan that is located on the foothills of Zaili Alatau is one of the most beautiful cities of the country.
Medeo and Chimbulak are picturesque gorge located in 15 km from Almaty. It boasts not only with beautiful nature, but also with huge skating rink “Medeo”.


Astana is important industrial and cultural center of republic. It is also a railway and auto interchange.
Since Astana received status of a capital of the country, it has changed outwardly. Unique buildings and architectural ensembles harmonize with modern design of the city.
“Baiterek” tower has become a symbol of Astana. The height of construction is 105 m. On the level of 97 m there is a observation ground from which picturesque view of modern city can be seen. There are an art gallery, huge aquarium and restaurant inside the Baiterek.
Every year various international exhibitions, conferences, music events and festivals of Kazakhstan nations are held in Astana.



Kazakhstan is the 9th biggest country in the world. It is a real heaven for hunters and it is notable for a wide variety of climates and biotopes. Almost all types of hunt exist in Kazakhstan. We are pleased to offer hunting games in the best hunting farms.

Developed infrastructure allows us to offer our clients high level service. Company has its own hunting grounds, specialized auto-motorcycle park, satellite communications terminal, highly experienced guides and conductors. In addition, hunting store, taxidermy laboratory and restaurant of national cuisine are included in the company structure.

We also offer our guests historical tours and fishing in the delta of the Ili River.

Hunting season in Kazakhstan starts in August 1 and lasts till January 1. The climate is sharp continental, the temperature varies within a day from subzero temperature at night till +20 in the daytime.


The most popular type of hunting in Kazakhstan is hunting for Siberian ibex.

The population living from the Pamirs to Altai in the South of Kazakhstan is one of the biggest population in the world. The biggest animal units may weigh up to 120 kg (one hundred and twenty) and the length of horns may reach 150cm. Siberian ibex is one of the well-deserved trophies for mountain hunting lovers.



Nowadays there are the biggest animal units of Maral in Kazakhstan living in natural conditions.

Sometimes trophy horns weigh 20 kg. Their habitat covers the Tien Shan, the Jungar Alatau, Tarbagatai and Altai.



Siberian roe deer can be found all over the territory of Kazakhstan but the biggest animal units of Siberian roe deer are met in the north of Kazakhstan, in Kostanai oblast.


Fowling for extremely rare birds such as snowcock known as Tetraogallus and stone partridge (Keklico) is also provided for mountain tours.Fowling for flying geese will be surely interesting for fowling lovers in the territory of Kostanai, Akmola and Karaganda oblasts.

In addition PRO Hunt provides with hunting for all the rest kinds of wild animals such as bears, wolves, deer, marmots, badgers. Fowling for wild fowls is also possible. There are a blackcock, a pheasant, a quail, a duck, etc among them.

What would you choose to hunt for depends on the landscape. You may choose hunting using a method of approaching, while driving a car, from a storage shed and rounding up a wild animal. As a rule, the distance of shooting is 50 to 350meters. The traditional mountain caliber in Kazakhstan is 270 VSM, 7mm Remington Magnum, 300 Win Mag.


For importing a weapon to Kazakhstan one should start making up documents several months before the arrival. Vaccination is not necessary. Contact us to be informed of the total list of documents necessary for visiting Kazakhstan.