Maral Hunting


Nowadays there are the biggest animal units of Maral in Kazakhstan living in natural conditions.

Sometimes trophy horns weigh 20 kg. Their habitat covers the Tien Shan, the Dzungarian Alatau and Altai.

Here are some places that we offers for Maral hunting:

Tastau 1
Ketmen Tau
Hunting period

from 1st Saturday of September

Hunting tour

2 days — transfer from/to camp, 8 hunting days


hunting lodges, sauna 2-7 overnights in terns in mountains


2000 -3500 m

2500 m


300 Win Mag, WSM, 7 Rem Mag, 270 Win Mag, WSM, 300 Weath. Mag., 300 Rem.Ultra Mag.

Recommended good optical lenses and range finder

Average size of trophy, cm

Skull and horns 11- 15 kg

Skull and horns 9-12 kg

Distance from Almaty

10-15 hours by car to the base camp or domestic flight 1 hour and 6-8 hours by car to the base camp

4,5 hours by car to a base camp


Hunter has to be in good physical condition and able to move in mountain – forest area. Horseriding skills make your hunt much easier

Some Trophies for the last years

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